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7/30/2012 - Fighting Back: Stopping the Assault on Patients

AAPS NJ Chapter Meeting - Fighting Back:

The Assault on Patients from ObamaCare, big insurance,
bankrupt Medicaid plans, and out-of-control hospitals.

Join us for dinner on Monday, July 30, 2012
Somerset, New Jersey


DATE: Monday, July 30, 2012
WHEN: 6:00pm to 8:00pm
LOCATION: Zarephath Health Center
595 Weston Canal Rd.
Somerset, NJ 08873
COST: FREE, Dinner included. (RSVP Required - freewill contributions to help cover-costs accepted.)

Meeting Information:

Patients and Physicians will be joining together in this important Monday evening event.

Learn how, together, ObamaCare (and all government control of medicine) can be stopped and power returned to patients and their doctors. You will have the opportunity to hear from the top experts.

Please bring your questions and concerns. Your participation will be an important part of the townhall.

This event will be held at the privately funded charity clinic, Zarephath Health Center. A tour of the facility will be provided by the founders, Doctors Alieta and John Eck.
Meeting Presenters:

Frank Lobb - Author of The Great Health Care Fraud. Mr. Lobb, a former Navy pilot, will discuss a fraud in nation’s health care system that strikes at the very heart of the Constitution and due process, that allows health care insurers to deny (ration) care while denying policyholders the right to purchase that same denied care using their own resources.
Alieta Eck, MD - AAPS President Alieta Eck, MD will discuss progress on legislation in Trenton that would allow physicians greater freedom to setup non-taxpayer funded charity clinics to care for the poor outside the bureaucratic, wasteful, bankrupt and impersonal Medicaid system.
Andrew Schlafly, Esq. - AAPS General Counsel will review the fallout from Chief Justice John Robert's decision to uphold ObamaCare and also how AAPS will continue to fight in the legal arena against this dangerous law. In addition, he will give an update on AAPS efforts to rein in insurance company and hospital abuse against patients, and stop onerous relicensure requirements that serve the financial interests of "non-profit" corporations at the expense of patient care.
Jane Orient, MD - AAPS Executive Director Jane Orient, MD will talk about "What's Next" in the battle to preserve the patient-physician relationship.