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Dear Pastor, Church and Civic Leaders,

Now is the time for ministers to stand up and help our communities return to their roots.  Hospitals were started by church groups as can be evidenced by their names--  St. Peter's, St. Barnabas, Long Island Jewish Hospital, NY Presbyterian, etc.

Charity used to be a function of the churches, but the Medicaid system usurped the role in 1965. The huge government program has become so costly that it is bankrupting the states.  More importantly, it is inadequate to deal with the common root cause of poverty--poverty of the soul.

In central New Jersey, the Zarephath Health Center began in 2003 as a free clinic to care for the poor. Volunteer physicians and nurses currently see 300-400 patients per month. Amazingly, the church has grown from 150 - 2,000 people, as church-goers are hungry to be part of a church that makes a real difference in the community.  This needs to happen in every community of every state.

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