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S-2231 - Something to be Thankful for

A message from Dr. Alieta Eck--

I spent an hour listening to an expert from NYC address our medical staff this week. The physicians were subdued as this man explained why our hospital needs to join one of the six hospital conglomerates in NJ.

I heard words like market share, economies of scale, leverage, competition, and survival. He and our hospital CEO talked about "high quality care," but did not define the term. NEVER in the entire discussion was "patient" mentioned. The expert even told us that medicine has now become commoditized and we have to get used to it.

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Healthcare Reform Without The Smoke and Mirrors

Dr. Eck begins her presentation at the 2012 AAPS meeting with a video revisiting the famous "debate" between JFK and Edward Annis, MD before the passage of Medicare. Following, she reviews the bad policies that have failed patients and physicians and provides real solutions, including the The Volunteer Medical Professional Health Care Act.


Dr. Eck explains why the Insurance Exchanges and Medicaid are wrong for NJ.  Click on the link to the WOR-TV program that aired on July 1st.


A Look at the Numbers Behind Charitable Clinics

by Anonymous:

I am not the typical doctor in many respects. A major example is that I no longer work in clinical practice. Several years ago I transitioned into consulting- so now I work in the business aspect of medicine. This has been quite an eye opening (and often mind boggling) experience.

Recently, I learned of AAPS and attended a local conference in New Jersey. I was introduced to Dr Alieta Eck and the Zarephath Health Center- and absolutely fell in love with the concept.  I’ve always believed that the more government gets involved in an activity, the more inefficient that activity becomes. Dr Eck is, rightfully, proud to report that the per-patient cost to provide care is much lower at Zarephath than at a neighboring Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). Tapping into my inner finance nerd, I wanted to learn more.

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STOP NJ Bill A2751 - Help Save Private Medicine!

The New Jersey Assembly is considering a bill that will destroy private medicine by encouraging price-fixing by health insurance companies.  It will allow them to dictate fees for out-of-network physicians.  It will even prohibit insured patients from paying out-of-pocket for quality care. 

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A New Free Clinic in Newton, New Jersey

AAPS Member Jeffrey Liegner, MD is opening a non-taxpayer funded charity clinic in Newton, NJ.  It was featured in the NJ Herals on Sunday June, 10, 2012.


Grace-Marie Turner at the 5/18/2012 Town Hall


Replacing Medicaid with True Charity

Alieta Eck, MD, presented at the National meeting of the John Birch Society, Albany, NY, October 8, 2011


Progress on the Plan to Replace the Medicaid System with Real Charity

October 30, 2011-- Dr. Niranjan Rao, President of the MSNJ, Dr. Alieta Eck, President of AAPS, Dr. John Eck, co-founder of the Zarephath Health Center and several others went to Trenton on October 28th to meet with Democratic and Republican leaders. We discussed the fact that Medicaid simply costs too much and does not provide good value for the NJ taxpayers.

$2.8 billion is spent on Medicaid HMOs and out-patient facilities such as federally qualified health centers.

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Dr. Eck on Fox's Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano